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April 29, 2007

People over Procedures

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People over Procedures

By Rupunda 

I have been researching how Systems and Procedures have created a Zombie Mindset in the Working world and for that matter in the world at large.  

In my view the Revolutionary evolution to Compassion is creating an environment where systems and procedures are going to loose their relevance as people reclaim their Spiritual and Wisdom Intelligence. 

If we are honest with ourselves most systems and procedures are designed to extract the maximum from the people in our organisation and they are designed in such a way that “encourages” compliance with the system. 

The intelligence we all have is left at the door when we arrive at work as we have found that the best way to get ahead is to comply with orders from above. 

Based on Consciousness studies worldwide 80% of Humanity lives in negative consciousness and in negative consciousness we willingly accept instructions from others are rarely look to THINKING for ourselves. 

This in my view is why companies try systems after system searching for the Holy Grail of HR Management that will extract the maximum at the minimum of cost thus increasing the profits and value of the enterprise. 

More and more we are loosing sight of the fact that the people we employ are in fact more important than anything else. Employees that have pride in themselves and in their organisation give the best and customers know it. 

I am now of the view that excellent customer service comes from excellent employee relations where the systems and procedures encourage employees to think and meet the customers needs. In industry after industry especially where call centres are set up the customer is fed with enough to get them off the line and to keep managements insulated from customer concerns. 

HR Managers in 2007 need to be looking at Spiritual and Wisdom intelligence and encourage their employees to speak from their heart on how to make everything they do better in such a way that makes them proud in the work they do and the product they produce is of the highest in quality. 

The industrial revolution is finished and we have to acknowledge that most of the systems we employ today have as their underlying motive the control systems of that time. 

There is no point in say we want knowledge workers when we discourage them by the very systems we implement from being creative.  

When we start to ask our employees to contribute in the beginning they will test us by asking or recommending small things that benefit them if we disregard these small requests we are showing our staff that we do not value their thoughts. We have to prove that we really want to work with them as oppose to them working for us. 

However as many Managers(and Chief Executives) have Low or Negative consciousness as I have mentioned in many of my writings (Understanding consciousness is based on the comprehensive work of David R Hawkins available through VERITAS Publishing  ) they are unable let alone willing to move into a mode where they are able to even believe that those below them in the corporate ladder could ever have ideas better than their own. 

A system that works well in a company where every is valued and everyone contributes is highly unlikely to work in a company where a different management mindset operates. Additionally when the unwritten policy of the company is at variance with the written policy it is even more difficulty to implement change and achieve the results we want. 

In 2007 where “THE MARKET” drives management decisions and decisions are made to keep the value of the share price high decisions are made on the basis of short term expediency and it is our employees who bear the greatest burden in keeping the market happy. Even in companies that are not publicly listed the management mindset of Public companies cascades into private companies. As companies transfer jobs to LOW COST countries what they are really doing is transferring to countries where the employees will follow blindly what management wants. 

Tragically the cost of labour is looked into before the quality and efficiency and it is easy to relocate even though we cannot see that these low cost countries will learn from us and become our competitors and then we will loose further business. 

If you work with a company that is not as efficient as it should be may I suggest that the first thing you need to investigate is the level of consciousness of your Managers and Supervisors.  

Those of us who understand the principles of Chinese and Natural Medicine understand that the place of pain is rarely the cause of pain. 

Our Management Style today is more like the allopathic medicine model which treats the place of pain instead of the cause of pain. 

Most Management Systems and Training programs are designed this way. To address the place of pain as opposed to the cause of pain. Training needs analysis concepts address the place of pain. 

Training programs that focus on procedures and do this and don’t do that no matter how much useful information is “Taught” will rarely achieve a result that address the ROOT CAUSE. 

When I design a experiential program I measure each model against the level of consciousness and will not offer any program to any client if it measures below the 700 level. From experience and many many mistakes over 46 years 5 Continents and 20 countries From Office Boy to Chief Executive I have learned at the university of Hard Knocks (as well as the places of Higher Learning that Give Degrees and Diplomas) that only when we understand the culture of the people can we even hope to guide them to become better. I use the word guide as opposed to Train as that is what we do to animals in the ZOO, we train them to follow our commands. 

Training others to follow our commands may benefit us in the short term but eventually we will pay the price of having employees who are discouraged from thinking. 

In our Human Resource Planning we have to go forward and really empower everyone in the organisation – not to go it alone but to be a real contributor to the success of a company. 

Our employees are stakeholders just as much as our shareholders and our customers. 

I can see the time and it is not to far away that those who understand the significance of the Revolutionary Evolution to Compassion in Management and Stakeholder Relationships will be the examples for all to follow. 

NO SYSTEM will produce better results unless every stakeholder is valued and their opinions respected. 

NO TRAINING PROGRAM will produce results unless all stakeholders accept responsibility for the result and are willing to LISTEN to the views of ALL. 

We have to move into a Positive Level of Consciousness if we are to succeed. It has been done by many and will continue to be done. If you have mangers who have a level of consciousness below the level of 400 the level of Reason and Understanding who are destined to continue in the treating the place of pain and leaving the root cause to attack you over and over again. 

Human Resource Managers in the Revolutionary and Evolutionary time need to understand and use these techniques which can be learnt and used relatively easily if we are willing to do unusual things. 

5000 Years ago the ancient Chinese developed a system called the I CHING to guide them in the actions they should take to achieve their goals. In 2007 many still use this system to get to THE ROOT CAUSE. 

For this article I asked the I CHING, what do HR Managers need to do NOW to make their Organisations Leaders in their Field. 

The Answer is: 


THE NAMESkin / revolution, (KO): Take off the skin; moulting; radical change, renew; revolt, overthrow; skin, leather Armour, soldiers; eliminate, repeal, cut off, cut away. The ideogram portrays an animal skin stretched on a frame. 

THE IMAGE:Skinning, on your own day there will be a connection to the spirits,Fundamental Success. Advantageous DivinationRepenting disappears This is the time when the snake sheds its skin, when radical change renews things, Strip away the old. Eliminate what has become useless, so the new can be seen. Overthrow what is corrupt. On your way, when the time is right, you will have a connection to the spirits. Act with confidence. This can inaugurate a whole new time. Success is guaranteed. It brings profit and insight. Reject old quarrels and memories. Present yourself in an entirely new way. Your doubts and sorrows will vanish. This is a timer when heaven and earth renew themselves and great people carry out heavens mandates. Yield and serve this great time. 

OUTER and INNER WORLDS: Open and RadianceChanging inner awareness skins away obsolete forms to reveal a stimulating new potential. 

HIDDEN POSSIBILITY: 44 CouplingRenewal through skinning contains the hidden possibility of a coupling  of the two primal powers.44 COUPLINGOPENING, WELCOMING, AN INTENSE PERSONAL ENCOUNTER: MEET AND ACT THROUGH THE YIN, SEXUAL INTERCOURSEA time to welcome what comes to you. Acting through the woman and the Yin brings invigoration strength. Welcome what comes. Do not try to enforce your will. This is a time of meetings, brief, intense encounters that involve universal forces. Do not try to control things directly, but realise what happens to you reflects the union of these powers. Great things are moving in these events. The spirit spreads throughout the world. You are coupled with a creative force. It brings unexpected encounters, lucky coincidences and enjoyable happenings. Do not try to hold onto things. These contacts come and go. When Heaven and Earth meet, all the beings join in a brief radiant display. The time of welcoming and coupling is truly great. 

SEQUENCE:The Tao of the well does not allow you not to skin (renew) things. Accepting this lets you use skinning 


DEFINITION:Skinning means prior causes are leaving. 

SYMBOL:In the centre of the mists there is FIRE. Skinning.The realizing person regulates how time is measured to brighten the seasons. 

To end this article I suggest we follow the example of the snake and shed our existing skins and allow the NEW one to come To embrace radical change which renews things, To Strip away the old, To Eliminate what has become useless, so the new can be seen. Overthrow what is corrupt.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Author –  (Hj Mohd Hazri ) Rupunda  (He who moves with the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness. Rupunda shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by embracing The Rainbow Body in our lives.
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