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March 30, 2007

DI – Role of Chairman

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Domestic Inquiry – The Role of Chairman 

  1. To have overall control of the running of the inquiry.
  2. To ensure that the alleged employee understands the charge by reading and explaining its contents at the start of the inquiry.
  3. To allow the prosecutor, the alleged employee or his union official to submit their evidence.
  4. To ensure that all witnesses are produced to testify in front of the Panel.
  5. To keep all records, evidence and exhibits adduced during the inquiry.
  6. To delegate specific duties to the pane; members as he thinks fit in the conduct of the inquiry.
  7. At the end of the inquiry, he is to deliberate on the case with the panel members and form up a finding and an opinion together with the recommendation on the disciplinary action to be taken against the alleged employee.
  8. To exercise his prerogative to clarify certain issues by directing a specific question, to allow or disallow specific questions put across by any party in the inquiry to adjourn or postpone the inquiry for certain specific reasons as well as to close the proceeding.

Major Teoh



  1. Mr Teoh,

    Can Chairman of DI participate with other panel members and questions the defendant against his charges?

    Looking forward to your response.



    Comment by rohana203 — July 4, 2007 @ 4:30 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, he can ask questions to clarify points raised by the accused and the witnesses in their testimonies. The Chairman and panel members cannot ask questions on points which have not been raised or introduced by the accused or witnesses. They can only ask questions pertinent and relevant to the charge.

    Comment by Major (Rtd) Teoh — July 4, 2007 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

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