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March 26, 2007


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By Rupunda 

Why does a company or organisation exist? Very simply to serve the interests of the Stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders of a Company or Organisation? In a Company the Stakeholders are in (my) order of importance The Employees, The Customers, The Suppliers, and The Investors. In an Organisation (in my view) the Members and the members’ objectives are the prime stakeholders (and remember the members’ objectives could be charitable, social the list is endless). In the Civil or Public Service the Stake Holders are (again in my view) The Citizens of the Nation they serve, The Employees, The Suppliers of Products and Services and lastly the Elected Representatives (who although they have policy responsibility they are not the policy implementers)  Regardless of whether you are part of a Company, Organisation or Public Service unless you take note of the interests of the stakeholders you are not going to be around much longer. Today we are in the world on INSTANT RESULTS and especially if the Company you work with is a Listed Company its prime objective has become to satisfy the Investors desire for growing profits from the value of their shares. This has resulted in a worldwide phenomenon where value is created and uncreated at the whims of “Traders” on the floor of the Stock Exchanges of the world where the fortunes of a company or nation are decided by the feelings of the buyers and sellers. No product is produced, No Value is created what happens is that Fear or Joy over a perceived future event can kill or grow the value of the Company in a second and ripple around the world. 

We know that Investors are starting to be concerned about THE ENVIRONMENT and its effects on THEIR PROFITS, we also know that Investors are seeing that short term profits are not necessarily in their interests. What was GOOD BUSINESS yesterday is not Necessarily GOOD BUSINESS today and this thought is now applying to what is Good Leadership and Good Management. We have seen so many systems that have worked in Country A and Company B have a book written about them and their successes and Hey Presto a NEW FRANCHISED SYSTEM appears in the Market Place that guarantees improved performance and profits (at a considerable investment of course) Yet for every system that has all the answers we see that the failure rates are much higher than the success rates and there is one reason for this. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL, there never has been and there never will be. Why is it that apart from T Shirts which are made in what is called FREE SIZE are only able to accommodate up to an “Average” size and why does FREE SIZE or AVERAGE SIZE vary depending on the country the products is made and sold in. Ask any lady to buy and wear a “FREE SIZE” bra and she what response you get. There are None!( although i am told that there are some new “Tank Top” Free Size Bras now available that do fit all as part of the de emphasising of the miniature sizing  of fashion models) so if we need OUR SIZE for what we wear underneath and above what others see why would we think that there is a FREE SIZE Management and LEADERSHIP model 

When the industrial Revolution was in FULL SWING a Management / Leadership Hierarchical Model emerged that is still firmly entrenched worldwide and is still taught. We are taught that we are somewhere in a Layer that is we do every thing right may or may not get us to the top of the organisational Pyramid. Predominately the way to get to the TOP is to follow the Rules, not rock the boat, do just enough to be recognised, do what is expected of us and maybe a bit more and we would get where we wanted. Certainly there were and are the examples of the entrepreneurs who broke all the rules and became Zillionaires but that seems to be confined to less than One percent of the worlds people. My friend and associate Gaele Arnott recently wrote Limits within old belief patterns are beginning to lift as we begin to understand the truth of compassion. Not the sympathy or pity which has been within the limits of the old thoughts on compassion but the truth within unconditional love. No judgement – complete acceptance that each person is following their own journey through life in their own way. Compassion is allowing each person the freedom to explore Life’s pathways within the teachings most needed for them at this time. Compassion also understands the truth of your own integrity. It is my belief that the Organisation Model of the Future will revolve around a model of Compassion. A model where Integrity will drive all we do and where we will value every person, their thoughts, their ideas and their contribution. 

In the last Five years we have seen the importance of Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) shrink to around 5% of the equation for success. Various writers have now added other components to the Success equation to include Physical Intelligence (PQ) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) yet we have ingrained Leadership and Management Models that revolve primarily around IQ and PQ. So something that is around 10% of the equation controls 100 percent of the Leadership Management Model. When a System does not produce the results we want we change the system HOPING that THIS TIME it will work but we do little or nothing to include the EQ SQ parts of the equation and they account for (in my view) another 40% of the equation. That is only 50% of the equation so where is the other 50%. The other 50% as we are able to see it now in 2007 is the WISDOM INTELLIGENCE (WQ) that we have and need to use in all we do.  This 50% WQ is what creates the Model of Compassion. The Model that accepts and embraces the truth within unconditional love (respect). No judgement – complete acceptance that each person is following their own journey through life in their own way. Compassion is allowing each person the freedom to perform and do what they are best at and contribute to the unit there are a part of such that all the stakeholders benefit. Compassion also understands the truth of your own integrity. 

Let me repeat that The Model of Leadership and Management with Compassion understands the truth of our own integrity and understands the truth and integrity of every stakeholder in the Company, Organisation or Civil Service. The Compassion Model is not a Pyramid; It is a Perpetually Revolving Circle with the role of everyone who makes up the circle constantly evolving as the needs of the stakeholders evolve. King Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table just may be the basis for us to start except that we are ALL KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE Interestingly In American contexts, the phrase “Camelot” refers to the presidency of John F. Kennedy, as his term was said to have potential and promise for the future, and the period was symbolic of hope for many in the world, who were inspired by Kennedy’s speeches, vision and political policies 

In terms the mythology and folklore of the Camelot was the famous castle in the legends of King Arthur and his legendary knights. This is the mystical castle where he reigned over Briton before the Saxon conquest. Camelot consisted of a brilliant court and seated the chivalrous Knights of the Round Table. Camelot was the starting point of the Quest for the Holy Grail and later came to symbolize the centre of the Arthurian world. In the legends of King Arthur, the capital of his kingdom; truth, goodness, and beauty reigned in Camelot. Today we are again in the search for the HOLY GRAIL the Revolutionary Evolution to Compassion in every filed of our endeavour and the symbol for our Starting point is ………………………… The Revolutionary evolution to Compassion contains the potential and promise for the future whether it is in our professional or personal lives. 

We now live in an effective borderless world where whether we like it or not we can nom longer have systems that are based on Triangles and Pyramids as the structure we follow in Management and Leadership. No matter how effective they may have been in getting us to where we are and the progress we have made if we are honest it has been at the expense of some of the greatest principles of integrity in our dealings with each other as those at the top of the pyramid exploited and in many cases still exploit those at the bottom of the pyramid. It is ironical that our world is a Circle that perpetually rotates so that every part of our world gets energy from the sun and moon. The Circular Management and Leadership model is not without precedent it was used successfully at the Renison Bell underground tin mine on the West Coast of Tasmania,
Australia. And for a time was the talk of the Management Circles in
Australia. Regrettably the constant fall in the price of tin was too much for even the most enlightened of Management but it worked and in a larger sense is destined to work with even better results (The Author personally saw the system in operation)
 A Leader guided by CompassionListens to Everyone, Authenticates advice, Desires the best for everyone, Energises all, Respects all views, is Sincere and Honest, Inspires all with INTEGRITY and insists on Perfection in everything 

A Manager Guided by CompassionMotivates All Never
Angers Gives Everyone Respect
 Enough has been written about IQ,
EQ, PQ, and SQ and is readily available however
a beautiful insight about PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ by Prof. Stephan R. Covey
Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises
Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing.
Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing.
Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.
Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity (Character building), Meaning (Purpose of life), Voice (Self Enlightenment and motivate to other).
Remember however in the view of this writer this is now 50% of the formulae for the Camelot Vision of truth, goodness, and beauty that has the potential and promise for the future. We acquire WQ only when we have acquired the first four and we embrace the new vision for ourselves, when we let go of all that we believe now and embrace what intuitively we know is right end in tune with the revolving nature of our world and our universe. All of us have the Intuition and internal wisdom to embrace the WQ component, we were born with it but it has been (intentionally) deprogrammed out of us. 

An exercise to re activate our WQ is as follows: ……………… (not received yet) To know ourselves – really be in truth with ourself. Complete honesty of action and thought is the right path to follow; New concepts, new dreams, new goals. new adventures await us as we embrace the Revolutionary Evolution to Compassion. When we have the formulae complete we can say we have installed 12 Divine Virtues – Beauty, Integrity, Courage, Curiosity, Imagination, Joy, Justice, Agape Love, Loyalty to self and others, Self Power, Purity and Will 

Activate and implement your WQ and you will be a Manager or Leader who is part of the Revolutionary Evolution to Compassion, Implement this model wherever you have and responsibility for others and be the Leaders Visionaries and Trend setters in your area of influence be it a Business Enterprise, An Organisation with any Purpose and a Civil Service that Serves your Nation such that others truly want you to be their role models. 

The Author –  (Hj Mohd Hazri ) Rupunda  (He who moves with the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness. Rupunda shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by embracing The Rainbow Body in our lives.
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