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March 22, 2007

Do we want our Training and Development of our “Human Capital” to Succeed?

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Do we want our Training and Development of our “Human Capital” to Succeed? 

By Rupunda

If we are totally honest with ourselves – the honest answer is NO  – especially when it involves anything to do with a changed mindset. 

I say this because with the enormous amounts invested by companies in training at every level the improvement is no where near where it should be. There can only be ONE REASON for this and I know I am going to step on some sensitive toes with what is in this article. 

When we invest in new capital equipment we follow the installation instructions as closely as we can before during and after as we know that the supplier will not accept any responsibility unless we do. Yet when we talk about our investment in HUMAN CAPITAL (and I do not like that term) we do not follow the same instructions. 

Wanting equipment to perform means nothing unless we BUY IT and INSTALL IT and MAINTAIN IT and do it regularly. Yet with our HUMAN CAPITAL we BUY IT and then expect it to look after itself.The supposed difference with Capital Equipment and Human Capital is that Human Capital is supposed to be able to think, to ask questions, to make decisions, to do things that EQUIPMENT CAPITAL cannot do with the input from Humans. 

So why do our Human Capital not do the things they are designed to do (and we are all designed with these abilities). In my view it is because the Management Systems in Place and have been since the Industrial Revolution are about suppressing the inbuilt creative abilities of the Human Capital who are supposed to speak when spoken to and do what they are told with question (except we say we want questions). 

We say we want Teams to function yet we develop KRA’s and PMS systems around the individual. We reward the Individual if they perform according to OUR REQUIREMENTS and our requirements may not be the BEST requirements. 

I am writing this article in a Malaysian Context as that is where I have been facilitating and designing programs for the past 10 years, yet with personal experience at every level of the organization in 5 continents and 20 countries since I started work at 16 I have seen and experienced the best and worst of Systems worldwide in a Western and Eastern environment. 

Some things never change some things change every moment of time. Timeless wisdom tells us and guides us that when Humans are encouraged they do they best.

So why I ask do organizations send people for Training or Development or whatever other term you want to use if you do not want them to do their best. 

If you want Robotic Minds in your Human Capital then keep sending them for development courses and then deny them the opportunity to implement the changes inspired by the program they have just attended. 

What do you do with a new piece of EQUIPMENT CAPITAL – do you just plug it in and expect it to work “BY MAGIC” or do you read the instructions and install the program (and its updates) and then use it as it was designed to be used.

All of us do. So why not with our HUMAN CAPITAL, we Buy (hire) Plug in (assign a job) Give them a Manual (usually outdated) tell them their responsibilities (KRA / PMS) and then ……………………………..  OH! Occasionally we upgrade them by sending them to Training.

Wait a Minute if we install an update in our Computer we have to restart for the changes to take effect.

Does the same apply to our Human Capital and if it does what does RESTARTING imply and require. The training has updated the inbuilt program and released the creative urge (if you have chosen the right “Program” to install (and the day of TNA identifying the right program is long since gone.

TNA (In my view) is based on the personal wants of the Manager as opposed to the Organizations Visionary expansion) This is what is necessary if you really want to access the updated program in your HUMAN CAPITAL (and you wanting to change the term yet?) YOU ON THE FIRST DAY YOUR human capital returns to the working environment after the installation of the Program Update sit with them and ask. What did you learn? What do you want to change and improve? Why? How can I help? This last question is probably the most important.HOW CAN I HELP? 

We are in the day of the Revolutionary Evolution to Compassionate ManagementThe formulae is IQ+PQ+EQ+SQ+WQ 

Intellectual plus physical plus emotional plus spiritual plus wisdom INTELLIGENCE. Compassionate Management is POSITIVE Management that brings out the best (it is not about sympathy or empathy)

Compassionate Management raises the Vibration of the company and everything in it to a NEW HIGH. Compassionate management INJECTS new blood through the organization and its thinking every day and encourages it. 

You may not like it but your days as a DO AS I SAY MANAGER or LEADER are OVER. Your Human Capital is being exposed to new thought (and some of it very dangerous thought) through the internet and various other means of mind control and change.

You need WISDOM as you have never needed it before. The wisdom that comes from and emotionally and spiritually advanced mindset and living. 

So do you want the training and development you are investing in to succeed or are you investing in people who will continue to do as you want because you think you know best? 

Training and Development will only succeed if YOU yes YOU encourage you HUMAN CAPITAL to activate and use the UPDATED PROGRAMMING the training has installed. YOU and ONLY YOU can RESTART the computer for the changes to take effect. 

Neither I nor any other Trainer can do the RESTART. Neither I nor any other FACILITATOR can do the RESTART,

Neither I nor any other Program Designer can DESIGN the Program for you that will achieve your “WISH LIST” unless you are willing to do the RESTART and RESTARTING comes when YOU yes YOU ask those who have done the program. 

What did you learn? What do you want to change and improve? Why? How can I help? This last question is probably the most important.HOW CAN I HELP? How much are you willing to LET GO of YOU POWER to UNLEASH the POWER of the NEW PROGRAMMING in your “HUMAN CAPITAL” 

Are you willing to ask and do the HOW CAN I HELP action because that is the RESTART.  People and Organizations come to me and ask for Help to RESTART and I willing HELP only to find “We don’t have the time to follow through like you suggest” Sigh …………………still the same excuse that ahs been used for generations

We don’t have the time. If you don’t have the time you don’t want to RESTART. Good Managers know that the busiest person is the one to give the hardest jobs to because the busiest people – the one with NO TIME” are the ones who always perform on time – Every time. 

Which part of the Formulae have you embraced? Are you still in the IQ part when the Leaders of the 21st century have and are embracing the IQ+PQ+EQ+SQ+WQ? 

Next time you wonder why you have not achieved the results you hoped for from your training and development investment Re Read this article. 

Next time you are about to Invest in Training and Development look for a Designer (please stop using franchised programs) who will design what you need in YOUR ORGANIZATION, someone who has themselves embraced the formulae in their life. 

Then Yabba Dabba Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You and your Organization are about to SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE above your competition. 

In Closing I have designed a Mandela in Jpeg format that is FREE on request.

Print it out IN COLOUR and place it in your work area where you can see it. Allow the Vibration in the Mandela to enter your energy and you will see slowly a change in your thinking.

The 90 day Program Beingness a Commitment to Self – A personal Journey to the Eagle Sprit is also available FREE on Request. E Mail me at

The Author –  (Hj Mohd Hazri ) Rupunda  (He who moves with the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness. Rupunda shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by embracing The Rainbow Body in our lives.
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