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March 4, 2007


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Learning from the Past to Protect the Future

by Rupunda 


This article explores the link between Human and Corporate Health and the link between Natural Healing techniques as applied to a Human Patient and how they are transferable to the Corporate Patient. It shows that every Organisation can transform if there are willing to invest the one think they have the most difficult thing to find and allocate. The Time and energy of their Senior Management to really understand themselves and as a result the people who make their organisation profitable.

In 1995 I was diagnosed with am Medical Condition (Peripheral Neuropathy) and told by some of the best Medical Practitioners in the world that there was NO CURE and that I would never walk again. Well I proved the experts wrong and I do walk. The lessons I learned in my return to my “WALKING SELF” showed me the parallels between the Healing and Corporate Worlds.  The Corporate world – worldwide is SICK and getting sicker – The Invisible Market that manipulates prices depending on who wants to make profits the most today has eaten away at the Luminous Energy Field  of our Corporations and unless it is repaired we face a bleak future. We talk about HUMAN RESOURCES or HUMAN CAPITAL while at the same time disempowering people by moving Customer Connections and Communication to Low Cost Call centres that alienate Customers but make the Markets happy as the corporation is seen as enhancing shareholder value today. Keeping “THE MARKET HAPPY” is the Prime Driver of Business today. Service and Empowerment of the People who made the Organisation into the Powerhouse it was are sacrificed to keep THE MARKET happy on a daily basis. These actions while primarily impacting organisations on the world’s stock exchange are filtering into non listed business.  All these actions are permanently damaging the Luminous Energy Field of the Organisation. We need to remember that every organisation is made up of Human Beings who produce something for other human beings. All Humans have a Luminous Energy Filed (I like to call it our personal Ozone Layer) In a Human when our OZONE layer is damaged we get sick in the same way as our planet suffers when the earths ozone layer is damaged.Humans with damaged Ozone layers bring that to work and as a result the Organisation has a damaged ozone layer. Natural Healers (those who work to restore balance to the Human Body and create the conditions to return to full health and vitality) tell us of the energy centres we all have (mostly known as Chakras). We humans have NINE KEY CHAKRAS, Seven in our Physical body and two spiritual extending outside our Body. The Energy emanating from the ninth chakra is the source of our personal ozone layer. (A bit like the force field that keeps THE ENTERPRISE safe) I name these energy centres in the Human body as

The Base or Foundation – (I HAVE)

The Pleasure Centre – (I FEEL)

The Power centre – (I CAN)

The Caring Centre – (I LOVE)

The Communications Centre – (I SPEAK)

The Intuition Centre – (I SEE)

The Crown Centre – (I NOURISH)

The Architect of the Body – (I KNOW)

The Spiritual Centre – (I AM UNIQUE)  In the Corporate Body, I name them as

Values – (Survival)

Respect/ Planning/ Organising – (Reproduction)

Belief in Self, Purpose,
Mission – (Power)

Caring, Service, Qualities, Image – (Care)

Communication – (Expression)

Trust EQ, SQ – (Truth)

People, Resources – (Ethics)

Vision – (Architect)

Reason for being – (Infinity)                                   

Other writers have written about Emotional and spiritual intelligence and how it filters through an organisation. Any organisation with senior managers from the Chairman down that have low personal spiritual intelligence may be able to respond to the short term market demands and totally miss seeing the long tern damage they are doing to themselves, the people in their organisation, their customers and more. Marketing Campaigns are totally out of alignment with what really happens and worldwide Customers are seeing that what is promised in the glitzy marketing campaign or the endless Rebranding is not translated into real action.  Ask any customer of a large corporation how they get served if there is a problem and almost universally you will hear of their frustrations as they attempt to negotiate the maze of technological barriers put in place. Unless we do something to return balance to the corporate world there will not be enough Humans working to buy from Humans. That is why Corporate Healing is now becoming important. Balancing each energy centre in the corporate sense requires a Corporate healer who guides the organisation to examine the positive and negative affects of Balance or imbalance. In Workshop format each centre is explained by linking back to the Human Energy Centre and Translating to The Corporate centre. We then uncover the issues that are impacting on the Company NOW and develop strategies to overcome any negative expression. Analysis each centre require and in-depth series of hard hitting questions of each participant in the healing process. The participants should include all key functions so we see the thinking and mindset. The Healers will assess the level of consciousness of each participant. I use the scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins in Power vs Force  

I usually reserve the right to exclude those who test below the 200 level as the mindset of such participant will be to approach everything form a negative viewpoint.  (Tools to raise consciousness are available outside the healing program and available free on request)  We start by balancing the energy of each participant before we move to the corporate centres Examples of the Personal Questions for the second centre are; How do you define creativity? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you follow through on your creative ideas? Do you often direct your creative energies into negative paths of expression? Do you exaggerate or embellish “facts” to support your point of view? Do you keep your word? What is your personal code of honor? of ethics? Do you negotiate your ethics depending on your circumstances? Do you have an impression of the GOD as a force that exerts justice in your life? Are you a controlling person? Do you engage in power plays? Are you able to see yourself clearly in circumstances related to power and money? Does money have authority over you? Do you make compromises that violate your inner self for the sake of financial security?How often do survival fears dictate your choices?Can you master your fears about finances and physical survival, or do they control you and your attitudes? What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? What stands in the way of acting upon those goals?  Examples of the questions asked for the corporate seventh centre are Do I have a Resource Enhancement Program in place in my Organisation? Do all our Employees know about it? Do I live and Practice it? Can I explain our Resource Enhancement Program and its Importance to people inside and outside my Organisation? Does our Resource Enhancement Program make our employees feel they are important contributors to the growth and success of the organisation? Does our Resource Enhancement Program protect the environment?  Do I have Managers who act against it? What can I do? The answers from each department head become very revealing and sometimes some painful discoveries are made. An empathetic Corporate Healer will provide personal healing and counseling to anyone who uncovers major personal issues that are impacting on how they make decisions at work. Moving through each of the NINE centres we see where parts of our organisation are not aligned (e.g. Marketing misaligned with Service, Finance etc). The Corporate Healing program replaces most other systems like training needs analysis. It is time consuming, that is for certain, but then every healing activity takes time. We all know that the healing time after any operation is sometimes long as the surgery wound heals and the body realigns and sometimes it is very painful. I counsel executives to understand that misalignment has taken years to occur. Realignment does not take as long but there is NO QUICK FIX in the healing cycle. If an organisation is looking for a Quick Fix in my view they are stuck in the PANADOL mode, they want temporary relief. That’s what responding to the MARKET is A Panadol Approach, a temporary fix to relieve the pain of a drop in share value. Companies and Organisations will spend mega bucks on Rebranding or the latest FAD Management system and never really transform their staff who are the only ones who can really make a difference in the results and performance of the organisaton. Most Management systems available today calibrate in the Negative field on the scale of consciousness. Corporate Healing heals from the Inside out and at the end the Value of the Company is sustainable in the Long Term. The question you must ask yourself as you come to the conclusion of this article is do you want your organisation to remain in the Panadol short term solution mode or do you want your organisation to Heal from the inside out and have a long term transformed life. This takes a commitment from Senior Management of 9 days (or six weekends) This may be the most important investment any organisation can make. A commitment of their senior executives to really find out what is out of alignment then miracles happen. Every Human can be healed as can every Companies and Organisation There are no incurable diseases but there are millions of incurable People for one reason and one reason only they do not want to be cured.  Which category are you in? The Curable or the Incurable? RETURN TO BALANCE AND GROW Rupunda  (He who moves with the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer
dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness.
Rupunda shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by embracing The Rainbow Body in our lives.


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