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March 3, 2007


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By Rupunda 

At some level I am coming to the view that many people today do not want to better themselves. They are content to remain as they are even if that means going backwards. Recently on a HR Forum in
Malaysia that sponsors monthly knowledge breakfasts free, a question was raised on how to get “Bosses” allow time of to attend.

Now the same Bosses probably have golf in Company Time every week let alone a FREE knowledge breakfast once a month. I am going to suggest that those who cannot allow their staff a morning a month to learn something (whether they use it or not is another subject entirely) are consciously or sub consciously committed to employing those who do as they are told and thinking is not a requirement of the job.

I was recently told by the MD of a Company that he liked the approach I used in developing his people but would I mind not encouraging them to ask so many questions of him.

Anyone fortunate enough to have access to the Movie THE SECRET know that BY DESIGN in the industrial revolution workers and others were programmed to “Leave their brains at the door” and do as they were told guaranteeing that the industrialists continued to advance materially leaving those working for them totally depended on the decisions of the “BOSS”

If you want to succeed you need an environment that encourages creativity and thinking. If you are in any way involved in responsibility of any part of the Human Resource you have to acquire WISDOM on a regular basis and if you are in an environment that restricts you in acquiring wisdom the its time to change where you are and look for another position.

When you are interviewed (and remember you have to ask questions at an interview) ask if you will be allowed to attend a FREE monthly breakfast talk on HR Issues.

Those who know me know how passionate I am about
Malaysia’s National Vision and at times I feel very alone in trying to explain something that should be in the heart of every one. If you feel this way in the position you are in and do NOTHING about it then you have made a decision to NOT SUCCEED.

Think about that very carefully – Doing nothing means you DO NOT want to succeed. If you are unable to “Market” the benefits of a monthly Breakfast Talk then can you “Market” yourself?

We live in a time when the challenges are greater than ever. Everything is INSTANT and GLOBAL. Things which protected us from competition and challenges are dissolving like the Polar Ice Cap and just as the dissolving Polar Ice Cap is changing the world and bring many dangers so.As I am writing these words I receive this message – All know the way; few actually walk it.

If you are reading this short article YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO the question is what are you going to do? Are you going to talk about the challenge or are you going to DO SOMETHING about the challenge.

If you are unable to be spared ask this question – does the organisation survive is you are on MC for a day? Of course it does? IF you cannot market the benefits of a FREE RESOURCE then asking someone else to do it is not going to work either.

If you want to succeed then YOU have to do something about it. If one morning a month is more than your organisation can “afford” then its time you marketed yourself to another organisation.

Some people cannot learn through the internet, they need a physical teacher and that’s OK. We all learn in different ways and we all need to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. FREE monthly talks come very rarely (and sure the organisation that promotes them has a business and marketing objective and that’s ok too).

Do you want to succeed? It’s OK either way. Remember there are many people who DO NOT want you to succeed so they will seek to hold you back in the most subtle of ways – including telling you that you cannot be spared. That’s their way of keeping you UNDER CONTROL.

So break Free and find a place that values you. There are many who do. I see that everyone has the potential to lead and be totally free, successful and happy.

I teach people who have difficulties in any part of their life (including with their Boss) to use this Mantra as many times a day as possible.

With COMPASSIONATE LOVE I am grateful for Freedom, Happiness, Love, Success, Abundance and all things good for (Name or Situation) and Me Also. I have proved that this affirmation changes the energy and vibration in the event or situation. So as a simple suggestion next time you ask your boss for “Time” to attend the FREE Breakfast talk say this21 times before you ask –  With COMPASSIONATE LOVE I am grateful for Freedom, Happiness, Love, Success, Abundance and all things good for (Bosses  Name) and for the Free breakfast talk. Now if anyone tells me that cannot do that I have only ONE COMMENT – YOU DO NOT REALLY WANT TO SUCCEED – and yet I know you do Start valuing yourself as a winner and a successful contribute to all you do and participate in and you will be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rupunda  (He who moves with the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness.
Rupunda shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by embracing The Rainbow Body in our lives.



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