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February 26, 2007

Prolonged Illness Policy

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HR-Prolonged Illness Policy


Company’s Policy on Prolonged Illness 

1. General. 

a. It is the company’s policy to extend all possible help to an employee who is suffering from an ailment/sickness, injury or a disablement which under the normal circumstances would take a longer time to be cured, healed and recuperate to a status whereby the employee is able to commence normal work. However there is a limit to the level of tolerance and as such there is a need for this policy.

b. Notwithstanding with the above, it must be noted that the management is not obliged to keep in its employ an employee who is unable to fulfill either the written or the implied terms and conditions of employment one of which is to be ready, willing and be able to work.

2. Definition of Prolonged Illness. 

An employee

(i)                  who is ill, sick, incapacitated or disabled; and

(ii)                who is in need continuous and continual medical attention and medication: and,

(iii)               in the expert opinion of a registered medical practitioner, is unable to perform normal work and/or will endanger the health and well-being of the co-workers,

shall be placed on “prolonged illness” status.

3. Duration and Payment 

a. During this period of prolonged illness the employee shall be paid:

First ……..(State number) months: Full basic pay

Second ……….(State number) months: Half basic pay

Third ………….(State number) months: No pay.

b. The employee may seek medical treatment from the company’s approved panel of doctors and the medical entitlement shall be according to the employee’s entitlement in the existing terms and conditions of employment.

c. The employee shall rigidly follow the advice of company’s approved panel of doctors and without fail present himself for medical examination and reviews as directed by them from time to time.

d. However, if the employee chooses to seek the advice and/or treatment and medication from persons other than those approved by the company, the cost shall be borne by the employees themselves.

4. Exemption (Exclusion Clause) 

This benefit will not cover  ailment/sickness, injury or a disablement arising from any fault, carelessness, indiscretion of the employees, participation in or attending any hazardous sports, pursuit or pastime, attempted suicide, the performance of any unlawful act, exposure to any hazards, except when endeavoring to save human life, provoked assault, the use of drugs not medically prescribed, congenital anomalies, illegal abortive measures, excessive use of alcohol or any breach of peace or disorderly conduct and surgery for beautification purposes.

5. Medical Board and Review 

At the end of this period the employee shall undergo a medical board review to ascertain the employee’s health status. This board shall comprise of three registered medical practitioners approved by the management. The management will study the independent recommendations put forth by the individual registered medical practitioners and may take actions accordingly as recommended by them. This may include termination. The decision of management is final and binding.






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