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February 17, 2007

Who should issue warning letters?

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 Who should issue warning letters?

Humbly I would suggest that HOD should handle all minor offences and HR should handle major offences which attract dismissal as the ultimate punishment.

Anything up to a warning letter or a show cause letter should be handled by HOD.

In a small organisations it is quite normal that HR handles everything. But as the organisation grows, so will the duties and responsibilities. ‘Besar periuk, besar keraknya.’ Therefore, it is only logical that the duties be spread and shared.

It is also a matter of whether you want to decentralise and to empower or not.

By decentralising and empowering you free yourself from the shackles of mundane and routine job to concentrate on value added activities like transformation HR, organisation development.

This will leave you free to concentrate on being a contributing strategic partner to the organisation which you belong..

There is nothing wrong in sharing with your downliners some aspects of HR. After all, every manager is a HR manager. I am not sure whether you subscribe to this line of thought or not but it is a fact.

By involving your downliners, you are indirectly involving them in decision making; collective responsibility thus creating a very cohesive and tightly knitted team.

One should not be afraid of teaching. One should not be selfish, The more you give, so shall you receive. They say an HR’s job is never done.

A good HR manager is one who can delegate not abdicate; one who can empower and yet be in control and one who can go on extended leave without being bothered with the nitty gritty problems.

If your staff have to consult you at every turn and corner, there is something terribly wrong with them. It merely shows that they are unable to make decisions and could be that they are also afraid to make decisions.

“Boss takdak. Boss cuti”.

“So what?”

Just sharing.


Major (Rtd) Teoh


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