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February 7, 2007

Pan-Asian Look

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Pan-Asian Look

I refer to the article, “Models with Pan-Asian look not happy with proposal” which appeared in the Star,

Frankly speaking what is wrong with Pan-Asian Look? Then what about those with typical apek cina and mamak look? Aren’t they Malaysians too?

I think we should leave this matter to the advertisers and their clients. It is he who pays the piper that should call the tune.

Our Honourable Information Minister is not the one who pays the piper and he has no right to call the tune. Let the market forces prevail and let them decide what they want.

Can anybody describe how or what a Malaysian should look like? I hope the Honourable Information Minister will find better things to do then to comment on this inconsequential matter.


Major (Rtd) Teoh



  1. Below is a response I received from down-under. The writer wants to remain anonymous.

    “On the discrimination against Pan Asians models in ads, the following are my thoughts:

    When do we use the Pan and when do we use the Wok? Will our Information Ministers ever make up their minds?

    I remember a certain courtesy campaign causing a furor in the Press a couple of years ago. Many people in Malaysia were not happy that the ad had depicted a man of a certain ethnic origin, “asleep” in a packed LRT while a heavily pregnant mum remained standing next to him. Would the Minister prefer a Pan Asian talent be used in this case? Oh no, that wouldn’t be the true reflection of the Malaysian society, isn’t it Mr Minister?

    First of all, there shouldn’t be any discrimination against anyone. Labeling talents as a Pan or a Wok is shallow and primitive in this day and age, and could land a Minister in a lot of hot soup in other countries. My experience tells me that advertisers choose talents who best represent their products and have the widest appeal to their target markets. So just please leave it to the Advertisers and the market forces to decide. And in the case of the courtesy ad, perhaps its just art imitating life. Lighten up(pardon the pun), Mr Minister.

    From the Frying Pan into the Wok,

    Comment by Major (Rtd) Teoh — April 17, 2007 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

  2. Very sad to see many ministers (not all) are filled with a bunch of bigots that does nothing to promote unity , but repeatedly reinforced our differences. Let there be color of skin, facial look, religions. Instead of fighting to unite and help to arbitrate differences , these people fights to claim higher moral ground by reinforced the differences.

    Comment by woodyooi — May 27, 2007 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

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