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February 6, 2007

Extending the Retirement age to 60 years

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Extending the Retirement age to 60 years

I refer to the article:

>The Star Online > Nation
>Tuesday February 6, 2007
>Government to study longer term for civil servants
>PUTRAJAYA: The Government will study extending the retirement age of civil
>servants to 60.
>Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the current retirement
>age of 56 was too low for one to retire.
>He said the longer life span and better health enjoyed by Malaysians now
>should also be taken into account.
>Speaking at the annual dinner of the Association of Administrative and
>Diplomatic Service (PPTD) here, he said that civil servants who reached the
>age of 56 would possess a wealth of experience, and they could still
>contribute to the Government.

Snipped ……. snipped for space  ……..

Advancing the retiring age to 60 years will only benefit the dead-wood and non-performers.

May I suggest that the government keep the retiring age at 56 years and extend only the services of a few selected high performers on a contract basis (year to year) up till 60 years.

This can be viewed as a load-shedding mechanism whereby those people who mark-time and, or, are merely warming their seats could be shown the door.

By making the civil servants leave at the age of 56 years, we are creating job opportunities and vacancies for the juniors to move up. In this manner too more fresh graduates can also find employment. It is also one of the ways to inject new blood into the government service.

Some will say that it will be a sheer waste of talents if they are asked to leave at that age when they are still at the prime of their life and productive. If they are that productive and energetic, I am sure they will have no difficulties whatsoever in getting jobs in  the private sector. It is only the lazy, uninitiated and the unproductive that will face difficulties in getting themselves employed.

If the government is serious in developing the human capital, now is the time to shed the fat, promote and retain only the best. Otherwise it  will be the same thing year in and year out.

Just sharing.


Major (Rtd) Teoh


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