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January 24, 2007

False MC’s

Filed under: Politics — Major (Rtd) Teoh @ 2:47 pm

I am not at all against at the soft approach of the MB. I am not against sending flowers and fruit baskets.

I am merely asking why should he be talking about this when he should have been taking stiffer and stringent actions than this? It is rampant and it is getting out of control. He knows that the soft approach does not work so what is he going to do about it.?

The other point is why publish their names in newspapers? What is the rationale?

Why can’t disciplinary action, including dismissal be taken against these errant staff?

I will tell you why? Pity them! They will lose their pension. Kesian. Do not break their rice bowls.

If you breed a monster, then you will have to live it. If you sow a wild wind, you will reap a storm.

Just sharing.


Major (Rtd) Teoh


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  1. Dear Major Teoh,

    I remember meeeting you when I was working in Braun medical industries.
    I left the company in 1993, nice to see you blogging away here with your wisdom and enlightening experience


    Comment by woodyooi — February 10, 2007 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

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