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January 23, 2007

Acting Allowances

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Acting Allowances

Acting allowances are given to employees who are made to hold and sit in a position for a short period of time after which he is reverted to his old position. During this period the encumbent acts and carries out the duties of the absent employee. Payment of acting allowances do not change the designation of a person.

For example, if I am paid RM XXXXX acting allowance for carrying out the duties of my GM Corporate Services while he is on a pilgrimage to Mecca, it does not alter my designation as a HR Manager. I only carry out his duties for him during his absence. I attend meetings on his behalf and signs letters on his behalf. During this period too I carry on as the HR Manager. In short I wear two hats.

Some companies use this as a ploy to mislead their employees into believing that they will soon be promoted. This is an unfair practice and unbecoming of the company to lure and entice their employees into staying longer when they very well know that the position will not be filled. They merely keep the position open for their own selfish means and that is, to save money by not filling up the position.

People who have been put on the “acting” mode for a long time can infer into it that the position is theirs if another person is selected or recruited to fill the post. Therefore if you have no intentions to promote a particular employee for reasons best known to you, do not make him act that role for a long time and without rhyme or reason.

If you have been acting on many occassions, it is also not wrong for you to assume that you will be the likely candidate to be considered for promotion in that position if it ever falls vacant.

Just sharing.


Major (Rtd) Teoh


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