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January 22, 2007

Internet – The Last Frontier for Bloggers.

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Bloggers Unite

Internet – The Last Frontier for Bloggers.

I am disturbed to read that Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru are being sued by NSTP. I do not know them personally but I have read their postings. It will have devastaing effect on bloggers in Malaysia especially. Many bloggers and writers and certain NGO’s have spoken out in support for them. I hope many more will rally around them and give them the moral support at their hour of need.

The internet is the last frontier where bloggers can post their views without any intimidation and restrictions. If this facility is not jealously and closely guarded, soon we bloggers will be nudged and elbowed out of existence.

As most bloggers are not trained in journalism or in the craft of writing, the internet is definitely heaven for them  It is their last bastion where almost all what they write are published. If they cannot be assured of a wide readership at least they can find consolation in that their articles are published and their dissensions and views chronicled. To them nothing can be more therapeutic and restorative than having posted their grouses in the virtual world. Whether it is read by one, or two  or none at all, is immaterial to them. The bottom line is that they are published.

Getting something published in the main stream media can be quite a hassle if you are not in the same camp as they are. It will be harder still if you are unable to tolerate their idiosyncrasies. Even though if you can string together a good sentence, it will depend very much on whether they like it or not. It is not difficult to get into their black books. You only have to lash out at their political masters and eunuchs, or make an exposé of their wrong doings and that is it. You are doomed.

We are not questioning whether the two bloggers have done the right thing or not. We are more concerned about the implications and impact the legal action would have upon the other bloggers. It will scare the day light out of new blogger wannabes. It will retard and impede the development and growth of the freedom of speech in this part of the world.

The question is why use a sledge-hammer to swat the mosquito on your enemy’s forehead when other lesser means suffice? I cannot think of other alternatives save for punitive and retaliatory reasons.

I am sure both Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru have acted without any malice at all. As seasoned bloggers and journalists, I am sure they  have not exhibited a blatant disregard for the falsity of the contents of their articles if any, nor the reckless disregard for truth.

The other mitigating factor is that they have not amassed any wealth and/or derived any monetary gains from their actions. Assuming that they have done so, still NSTP being a responsible news media and one of the giants in this industry, should have magnanimously offered them the options of removing the the so-alleged material and demaded for a public apology from them rather than going straight for the kill.

Hopefully all these could be settled amicably and let us continue blogging.


Major (Rtd) Teoh



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