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January 16, 2007

Some Soft & Social Skills Fresh Graduates Must Possess

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By Major (Rtd) Teoh

Lately much blame has been levied at the fresh graduates inability to secure employment and of course a scape-goat was sought to appease the general public’s out-cry. Almost and always the public was quick to blame the educational system. Sure if there are some inadequacies in our present system what do we do about it? You are the product of the era, just like I am the product of the era where in school we were just taught 3R’s. Reading, (W)riting and (A)rithmetic. Nothing else was taught and you have to acquire the necessary skills as you moved along in life.One should not embark on self-pity mode and withdraw oneself into a corner and blame others. Many a times I have said, and I am saying it again that possessing a degree is just a ticket to a dance hall. It does not mean that you can dance. Once in the dance hall you have to pick up the intricacies of dancing. You have to rehearse and fine tune the steps and movements. My general advise to the unemployed fresh graduates is to get a job and then take stock of what  soft skills are needed to do the job effectively. Once you are focused, acquire those skills and you will be on the right track up the corporate ladder. The choice of the development of soft skills will depend on what the job entails. For example if you join a company as a trainer, the obvious soft skills that you must possess are speaking/oratory skills, presentation skills and a mastery of languages/dialects. In this respect the quicker the fresh graduates acquire these skills upon graduation the better. These skills could also be acquired and developed when you are in schools, colleges and universities while carrying out your extra-curriculum activities.Having said and done, some of the soft skills which are useful to the present day job market are:

      • Speaking/oratory skills;
      • Language skills;
      • Presentation skills;
      • Leadership skills;
      • Delegating skills
      • Listening skills
      • Problem solving
      • Systems& Methods Thinking
      • Troubleshooting
      • Interaction skills
      • Decision Making
      • Organizational Skills

Therefore a degree does not guarantee you a job. It is the soft skills and the personality traits that you exhibit at interview that counts. These social and soft skills will determine how well and how soon you will be able blend into the culture of the company you are joining.


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