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January 16, 2007

How to avoid being mugged.

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How to avoid being mugged.

By Major (Rtd) Teoh

Nowadays, drug addicts, street urchins and vagabonds will mug you for just a few cents. As the prices of drugs rocket sky high and the cost of living spiralling into infinity the chances of you being mugged also increase.

These desperate drifters, in order to support their expensive life styles, will mug you for a few cents more. No amount of policing or round the clock surveillance would help. It is impossible to patrol every nook and corner of the city and keep this unhealthy activity to the minimum. The only way is to help yourself.

There are many ways of avoiding being mugged and the cardinal rules are as follows:

  • Do not walk along poorly lit alleys and walkways;
  • Avoid lonely roads and lanes;
  • Do not park your car in a very quiet and dimly lit corner of a car park;
  • Do not appear to be afraid; walk upright and confidently down a road;
  • Do not appear to be lost;
  • As you walk past them, look them in their eyes as if telling them, “Please do not fool with me.”
  • Do not walk alone, if possible;
  • Do not use the lift when you are alone. Ensure that there are also other users around;


 To be better prepared, it is also recommend that you carry with you at least one of the following to attract attention and also to ward off the attacker. They are :

  • A whistle;
  • A pepper  or dye spray;
  • An umbrella or a walking stick;
  • A sharp car key;

 Whatever it is, it is always better to be prepared. Prevention is better than cure.

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