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October 13, 2006

Fixed Term Contract

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Sample Letter: Fixed Term Contract.  Please modify it to suit your company’s requirement.


——- Employer Name and Address Details ——-

Date : ___________________________

——- Employee Name and Address Details ——-




It is with great pleasure that I wish to confirm your appointment on a fixed term contract defined by time as ______________________ (Job Title) with effect from ________________ (Date) to ________________(Date), based on the following terms and conditions of employment:


1. Primary Duties

1.1 You will be employed primarily in the capacity of ________________ reporting to ________________ and employed at ________________ to perform the duties set out in your job description, a copy of which is attached hereto.

1.2 It is a specific term and condition of your employment that you may be required to perform other duties and responsibilities in the course and scope of your employment with the Company. Your job title does not define or restrict your duties and you may be required to undertake other work within your abilities at the request of the Company, and any refusal to comply with such request constitutes a breach of your contract of employment.

1.3 You shall, unless prevented by ill-health or accident and except during holidays permitted in terms of your contract of employment with the Company, devote your usual working hours, attention and abilities to the proper, loyal and efficient conduct, improvement, extension, development, promotion, protection and preservation of the business, reputation and goodwill of the Company and not do anything which is harmful to it.

1.4 You may be required to tender your services at any other premises designated by the Company upon reasonable notice, and any refusal to comply with such request constitutes a breach of your contract of employment.

2. Basic Salary

2.1 You will receive a basic monthly salary of RM ________________ for the contract period, which will be paid to you by no later than the 7th of the following month. 

2.2 From this amount deductions for EPF, SOCSO, and Income Tax Monthly Deductions and any other amounts required by law or authorised by yourself and agreed to by the Company may be made.

3. Public Holidays 

3.1 You will enjoy all public holidays as observed by the company.2.3 Any other allowances or payments due to you will be paid to you on termination of your contract of employment.

4. Working Hours

4.1 Your working hours shall be:

Mondays – Fridays



5. Overtime

5.1 You will not be entitled to claim for overtime work.

6. Annual Leave

6.1 You will be entitled to one day’s annual leave in respect of every 17 days on which you worked or was entitled to be paid, provided you have been in the employ of the Company for more than four (4) months. Leave must be taken at a time which is mutually convenient to both yourself and the company.

7. Termination & Lay-off Benefits

7.1  As this contract is for a fixed term, you will not be entitled to any termination, lay-off, discharge or severance benefits upon termination of such contract.

8. Sick Leave (excluding Hospitalisation)

5.1 You may seek out-patient medical treatment at any of our company’s panel clinics.

5.2 You will be entitled to one day’s sick leave for every completed month of employment.

6. Annual Bonus

6.1 You shall not be entitled to any annual bonus or any other ex-gratia payments unless specifically stated or agreed upon in writing.

7. Termination of Employment & Notice Period

7.1 Your contract of employment will terminate on ________________(Date).

7.2  It is specifically recorded that there will be no expectation that your contract of employment will be renewed or prolonged beyond the date of completion as aforesaid. The termination of this contract as provided for in this agreement shall not be construed as being a retrenchment but shall be completion of the contract.

7.3  Either party can terminate this contract by givng each other one calendar month’s notice other than for reasons of disciplinary actions.

8. Confidentiality and Disclosure Clause

8.1 You shall not at any time during the currency or after the termination of your employment with the Company:

8.1.1 divulge to any person, without the Company’s consent:-

(a) any information relating to the trade secrets or trade connections of the company

(b) or any confidential information concerning the Company’s business or affairs,

(c) and in particular any information pertaining to the salaries and wages and personnel records and details of any employees currently in the employ, previously employed or prospective employment of the Company, including but not limited to any details pertaining to any trade connections (including but not limited to any contractors, suppliers, clients or agents) employed by or for and on behalf of the Company,

8.1.2 or be entitled, whether for your own benefit or that of others, to make use of or disclose to others or avail yourself or others of or derive profit or benefit from, any information concerning the business or affairs of the Company or its clients, suppliers or trade connections, which you may have acquired by reason of your position or association with the business and affairs of the Company or its clients.

8.2 You shall furthermore hand over all information and documents (including but not limited to any training materials, standards or operating manuals and equipment) including any and all copies or reproductions thereof in whatsoever manner or form to the Company on giving or being provided with notice of termination of your employment with the Company.

Kindly sign the original of this letter, initialling all pages, and return it to the Company on or before the commencement of this contract of employment. Your signature on this letter indicates your formal acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein. Your signed copy of this letter is for record purposes and will be placed in your personal file.


I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to ____________ and wish you a long and successful career with the Company.


Yours sincerely




I have received a copy of this letter. I confirm that the contents hereof have been explained to me and that I understand and accept the terms and conditions of employment contained therein.





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