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September 13, 2006

DI – Charge Sheet

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DI – Charge Sheet


Name of Employee:

Employee Number: 

Address:  Date: Dear  

Re: CHARGE SHEET  We write to advise you that the following allegation(s)  has (have) been made against you: 

1. It is alleged that at about  _____________ am/pm on _______________ 2004  at the company premises, you ______________________________________________________________________ 

2. It is also alleged that at about _____________ am/pm on ___________ 2004, at address ___________________________________________


Since the above charge(s) levied against you is/are are of a serious nature tantamounting to gross misconduct, the company has decided to hold an inquiry into the above allegation(s). The Domestic Inquiry will be held on:


Date: ____________

Time: ___________

Place: ___________


You are required to be present at the inquiry to answer the above allegation(s) made against you. At this inquiry, you will be accorded full opportunity to answer the allegation(s) against you by not only cross-examining such witnesses as may be produced against you but also by examining your own witnesses (if any). 

You may bring along any documentary or other evidence that may help you in answering the allegation(s) against you.


Should you fail to be present at the inquiry, at the time, date and place indicated above, the inquiry shall proceed exparte and appropriate action shall be taken against you.


Pending the outcome of the inquiry, you are hereby suspended from duty with effect from the __________ 2004 on half pay in accordance with Section 14 (2) of the Employment Act 1955. During the period of suspension, you are not permitted to enter the company’s premises unless duly required to do so or with prior written consent from the company.


You are advised that the company views the above allegation(s) very seriously and should you be found guilty on any one or more of the allegation(s) made against you, you will be liable to severe disciplinary action including the  punishment of dismissal, if so warranted by the facts and circumstances of the case.


Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by affixing your signature on the duplicate.


Yours truly.





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