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June 14, 2006

Demotion/Downgrading Letter

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HR-DI Demotion/Downgrading Letter




Name of Employee:Employee Number: 





We refer to the Domestic Inquiry held on ____________ on the specific allegation(s) of misconduct  leveled against you as per our Charge Sheet dated __________ . 

We have carefully gone through the records of the inquiry, the connected papers and documents and findings of the Panel of Domestic Inquiry and concur with its findings that on the evidence adduced at the inquiry the charges leveled against you have been sufficiently proved. (If all the charges are not proved, state those of which are proved.) 

The charges leveled against you and proved against you at the inquiry being grave and serious, the punishment warranted is that of dismissal. 

Under the circumstances, we would have been justified in dismissing you from service. However, in consideration of the fact that the record of your previous service with us is clean and other extenuating circumstances, as a generous gesture, it has bee decided not to inflict upon you any severe punishment. We have accordingly decided to downgrade/demote you in your present appointment to the new position of ________________ at the new salary rate of RM  _________ per hour/month with effect from ___________ . 

For the period of suspension pending inquiry, you will be remunerated on half pay. 

We hope you will appreciate the generosity shown to you by better conduct on your part in future. 

We wish to caution you that any future act(s) of misconduct committed by you will in future merit serious disciplinary action from the company including the punishment of dismissal, if so warranted by the facts and circumstances of the case. 

Yours truly, 



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