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April 14, 2006

DI – Notice of DI

Filed under: DI - Notice of DI,Sample Letters — Major (Rtd) Teoh @ 10:45 pm

Notice of Domestic Inquiry (After Show Cause) _________________________________________________ 

Name of Employee:

Employee Number: 

Address: Date: Dear 

 With reference to your explanation dated __________ in reply to our letter dated___________, it has been found that your explanation is not satisfactory. 

OR We find that you have failed to submit your explanation in reply to our letter of charge dated _____________issued to you, from which it would appear that you have no defence to offer.  It is therefore proposed to hold a Domestic Inquiry into the allegation(s) made against you. You are hereby requested to be present personally at: Place:



to attend this inquiry. 

At this inquiry you will be accorded full opportunity to answer the allegations made against you by not only cross-examining such witnesses as may be produced against you but also by examining your own witnesses(if any).  You may also bring along with you any documentary evidence that will help you in your defence. Pending the outcome of the inquiry you will continue to be on suspension.

During the period suspension, you are not permitted to enter the company’s premises unless duly required to do so or with the prior written consent of the company. Yours truly, 





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